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Meet Dr. Haider

Dr Haider
Abbas Haider, DDS
Owner Dentist/DDS

Dr. Haider has been practicing Dentistry in the Atlanta area since 1998. He obtained his Undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Medical Technology.  He began his Dental Career in Johns Creek, after graduating from University of Tennessee with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS), where he practiced until 2010. He then opened a private practice in Decatur, which he currently owns and operates.  

Dr. Haider’s philosophy is “to create beautiful and healthy smiles for a lifetime in a comfortable and caring environment..” He believes in educating his patients to help prevent oral disease, maintain oral health and helps patients maintain their natural teeth as long as possible. He shows patients what they currently have in their mouth, teaches them how to keep their fillings and crowns clean and uses fillings and crowns that render a healthy foundation (gums and bone around teeth). He stresses the importance of rendering and maintaining a healthy foundation, without which nothing done to teeth will last.

Dr. Haider’s Chemistry background coupled with his artistic skills makes him an ideal candidate for performing Dentistry that feels good, looks good, is relatively pain-free and may last a lifetime. He preventively diagnosis and treats and one of his sayings embellishes this approach, “it is less complicated and less expensive to preventively treat based on a preventive diagnosis than it is to wait for things to break then treat them..”

Dr. Haider performs: Tooth-colored fillings, Teeth whitening, All-porcelain crowns, Complete Dentures, Partial dentures, Implant restorations, Porcelain veneers, Smile-enhancement procedures, Invisalign and other Orthodontic procedures, Bite-Guards, Extractions, Crown Lengthening, Root Canals (front teeth mainly) and other General and Cosmetic Dentistry procedures.

Dr. Haider is always available for his patients. Once patients meet him, trust is earned by his process of education, diagnosis, formulation of a treatment plan that the patient may implement at a comfortable pace, and treatment.

Because Dr. Haider knows that implementation of Dental procedures he recommends is correlated with time and money, he customizes the plan based on each individual's situation and therefore, his Dentistry is for everyone.   

Dr. Haider offers an amazing Periodontal and maintenance system, along with a Teeth Whitening system that allows most patients to maintain heathy gums and a whitened smile for a lifetime.